Kaylee T. Matheny

PhD Candidate
Expected Graduation: June 2023
Sociology of Education, Education Policy
Stanford University

kmatheny [at] stanford [dot] edu

Center for Education Policy Analysis
520 Galvez Mall
Stanford, CA 94305


Welcome! I am a graduate candidate at Stanford University using mixed methods to study the reciprocal relationship between education and opportunity. I focus primarily on socioeconomic inequality, with attention to how SES intersects with race/ethnicity, gender, religion, and place in opportunity provision. My scholarship investigates trends in inequality, evaluates policies to mitigate inequality, and contributes theoretical and methodological innovations to the study of inequality.

My work uses quantitative descriptive, quasi-experimental, and qualitative methodologies, and I have experience analyzing large national datasets, administrative data, and original interview data.

Prior to Stanford, I earned a BA in Sociology and Creative Writing from Emory University and went on to teach high school English in my hometown of Griffin, GA. I am passionate about reading (especially science fiction/fantasy), creative writing, and trying new recipes.