I engage in service for two primary reasons: to express my gratitude for the opportunities I have been afforded and to improve conditions for future students and colleagues.


I have served as a reviewer for AERA Open and American Behavioral Scientist.

University Service

2022 | Student Representative, Target of Opportunity Faculty Hiring Committee

  • I am the student representative for the Target of Opportunity Hiring Committee and the IDEAL Fellowship

2022 | Student Representative, Associate Vice Provost for Graduate Education Evaluation Committee

  • I served as one of six graduate students selected to provide feedback on finalists for the role of Associate Vice Provost for Graduate Education.

2021-2022 | Student Representative, VPGE Graduate Student and Postdoc Strategic Vision Team

  • I serve as one of fifteen graduate students selected to provide ideas and guidance to the Vice Provost to help envision the future of graduate education and postdoctoral training at Stanford. Topics include strategies to improve curricula and training, advising, and diversity in higher education.

2020-2021 | Committee Lead, CEPA Race and Research Group

  • I led the committee on the 339 Speaker Series, for which I compiled a list of potential candidates to invite for speaking engagements and workshops on racial/ethnic representation in quantitative research. I also solicited student feedback on and presented to faculty regarding course offerings and mentoring in CEPA, which led to my serving as the TA in Education Policy in the United States.

2019-2021 | Co-President, Stanford Graduate School of Education Student Guild

  • I hosted and facilitated events, including town halls, open office hours, and student-faculty mixers; represented student interests to the dean and in faculty meetings; and facilitated other chairs’ advocacy and event-planning goals. I also administered surveys throughout the pandemic to assess students’ experiences, after which I categorized responses and submitted response reports to GSE administration.

2020 | Mentor, IDEAS Fellowship

  • I mentored an IDEAS Fellow via the IDEAS program, which was developed in part to diversify the doctoral applicant pool. I provided hands-on research opportunities for a student interested in doctoral study, through which I explained the IRB approval process, demonstrated how to conduct interviews, demonstrated the transcription and coding processes, and facilitated professional networking.

2020 | Mentor, Policy, Organizations, and Leadership Studies Master’s Program

  • I served as a mentor for a small group of POLS master’s students, helping them design projects aimed at improving students’ educational experiences, build relationships with professionals at their field sites, and develop reports on their work.

2019-2020 | Citation Manager Workshop Lead

  • I taught citation manager workshops to MA and early-year PhD students.

2019-2020 | MA Student Representative, Association of Sociology Graduate Students

  • I strengthened student relationships across the sociology and education programs by helping institutionalize the use of the master’s student listserv, after which students in the GSE getting master’s degrees in sociology were invited to department events. I helped make the sociology master’s webpage easier to navigate by simplifying jargon and specifying timelines and audited course descriptions, including providing alternative language so sociology faculty might their courses more inclusive of doctoral students in disciplines outside of sociology.

2019-2020 | Co-Director, Sociology and Education Network

  • I hosted events to strengthen relationships between sociology and education graduate students; events included workshop and feedback sessions, sessions on demystifying the hidden curriculum of academia, and professional networking opportunities.

2018-2019 | Mentor, Stanford Graduate School of Education Mentorship Program

  • I mentored three master’s students through their coursework, transition to campus, and career planning.

2018-2019 | Academic Chair, Stanford Graduate School of Education Student Guild

  • I conducted a survey assessing students’ needs for different methodological workshops, then planned and coordinated workshops on research methods that students requested, including workshops on GIS and logistic regression.

2018 | Proseminar Survey Administrator, Informal Service

  • I crafted a survey asking students questions about how proseminar impacted the closeness of their cohort, whether proseminar gave students a broader toolbox of educational literature, and what feedback students had for the course. Over one-third of GSE doctoral students responded to the survey, and within two weeks, I was able to put together a PowerPoint describing the survey’s results for GSE administrators and faculty.